April 10, 2019

Here we are again auction number 2 this time were at Black fish auctions.  We have about 200 lots of various items lots of military items.  A few lots were looking at lets hope we  get lucky and dont have to pay too much for the lots.  An interesting lot is a bronze plaque could be a real sleeper.  Its a very masculine auction so not many ladies here to night.  Always worth coming as you never know what could be hiding in a box of odds or what has been entered with no reserve.  Steve the autioneer moves along quickly and makes what could be a long night for us ladies shorter.  A very nice provincial auction thats been running for about 2 years.  Lots of local trade buyers here.  These evening auctions are a social event as well as opportunities to buy new stock.  

New friendships are made as you find the same people come to the auction every time.  We have a nice circuit forming in our area now.  Dealers are finding it more and more difficult to buy from the big auction houses.  The cos...

March 24, 2019

Elephant promotions

Where do you start.  What makes a good fair for me may not be a good fair for you.  

As a dealer I want certain things such as affordable rents a table that actually holds stock that's not too small.  Is the right size.  I want to be able to get behind my stall not be squashed and sitting on my neighbours lap.  I would like electricity run to my stall if provided and not have to be charged extra for the privilege.  I want all flat unloading no stairs no dodgy ramps.  Or a lift only big enough for one that you can't get your trolley into.  Yes all these things have happened.  I have seen it all suffered the dancing fools jiving and bunny hopping around the fair.  Lovely but not what I need in order to sell my stock.  30 plus years of trading has definitely been interesting I have seen organisers come and go. The good ones rise to the top and stay organising for many years the one hit wonders are soon gone.  

As a buyer what...

June 7, 2016

Elephant promotions

This must be the one question every single one of us has asked ourselves at least once in our life.  So when I sat down to write, this question of who I am what do I want to write what knoweledge do I want to pass on to entrall to entice and entertain you.  Loomed up and gave me writers block.  So here I am an ordinary person no better than you I have no fancy titles after my name my knowledge has been earned through years and years of experiance.  50 to be exact.  I am a 1966 baby.  Giving you a Little insight into my world of antiques fairs the organising the standing, the collecting the passion.  The pitfalls the highs the lows.  The mistakes good and bad.



I have been dealing from the age of around 16.  I started collecting as a child of 12 from the first carboot sales.  I would go along and buy costume brooches and knecklaces pretty sparkly things out of old ladies jewellery box's for 50p and less. I also took  a fancy to  cottage ware it was che...