Who am I

This is me and my Little Gizmo my number one pom

This must be the one question every single one of us has asked ourselves at least once in our life. So when I sat down to write, this question of who I am what do I want to write what knoweledge do I want to pass on to entrall to entice and entertain you. Loomed up and gave me writers block. So here I am an ordinary person no better than you I have no fancy titles after my name my knowledge has been earned through years and years of experiance. 50 to be exact. I am a 1966 baby. Giving you a Little insight into my world of antiques fairs the organising the standing, the collecting the passion. The pitfalls the highs the lows. The mistakes good and bad.

I still can't resist the sparkly things

I have been dealing from the age of around 16. I started collecting as a child of 12 from the first carboot sales. I would go along and buy costume brooches and knecklaces pretty sparkly things out of old ladies jewellery box's for 50p and less. I also took a fancy to cottage ware it was cheap it was pretty and I spent my pocket money. Most children bought sweeties I bought sparkly things. My parents are dealers so I did have a little of a head start. At the age of 16 I decided I wanted to collect something else so I sold all of my cottage ware to a lovely old lady who owned our local antiques shop. Sue Hannaway became my mentor she passed away a few years back now. I still think of her and ask what would Sue do.

With a pocket full of money and a tidy profit I decided yes this could be for me. Mom and dad allowed me to stall out with them with my own stock. I stood my first antiques fair at Stafford Bingley hall. Mrs Bowman ran the fair. It was fantastic. I was hooked and now 34 years later I am still dealing and now organising fairs myself. I had a great time I sold a massive amount of stock and bought my first piece of Monart glass with the profit. I have bought and sold many collections over the years but Monart has stayed with me. I call it my pension fund. I have a few collections which I hope to share a little of with you over the coming months.

Small selection of Monart glass (my pension fund)

This is me my collecting has been a major part of my life and luckily for me I had the right people in my life to help me turn a passion into a something I could earn a living off. I still have the passion for the trade and now I pass that knowledge given to me on to those that want it. I am not all knowing, all seeing I am honest and fair in all my dealings and will always give the best advice I can. I have customers who have become life long friends and dealer friends who we have been standing fairs with for 30 years. I have customers who are now dealing. So if your thinking of having a go at becoming a dealer just do it . You may even make a few pounds along the way. I hope in years to come someone will be looking back and thinking what would Vicky do.

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