Another auction another day

Here we are again auction number 2 this time were at Black fish auctions.  We have about 200 lots of various items lots of military items.  A few lots were looking at lets hope we  get lucky and dont have to pay too much for the lots.  An interesting lot is a bronze plaque could be a real sleeper.  Its a very masculine auction so not many ladies here to night.  Always worth coming as you never know what could be hiding in a box of odds or what has been entered with no reserve.  Steve the autioneer moves along quickly and makes what could be a long night for us ladies shorter.  A very nice provincial auction thats been running for about 2 years.  Lots of local trade buyers here.  These evening auctions are a social event as well as opportunities to buy new stock.  

New friendships are made as you find the same people come to the auction every time.  We have a nice circuit forming in our area now.  Dealers are finding it more and more difficult to buy from the big auction houses.  The cost of buying has rocketed over the last few years.  These provincial auctions have low commissions usually as low as 50p an item or 10%  with sellers fees also low.  Cheap lots which are the life blood of traders.  

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