A few bits and pieces

We all accumulate various bits and pieces over the years. Some call it hoarding we call it stock. We collect specific things but then we have the things we take a liking too and decide to keep for a while. So when do we decide that those bits and pieces have to go. Well then you have to decide how you want to dispose of them. Well if your an antiques dealer you would think it would be easy but no its not that easy. Do you sell them on your stall in your shop or in a center at a market do you take them to another dealer and ask if they want them or do you put it on Ebay or through a real time auction. All of these considerations for us oh and we can also give them away to charity. There are so many diffrent outlets now for us to sell our unwanted items. Which do you choose. The desicsion becomes so difficult we give up and pack them away for a rainy day. This is how we become hoarders of bits and pieces or we like to call stock.

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