Easter fun in the sun

After a long week of fairs and markets. Bank holiday Monday finds us out enjoying the sunshine at the local car boot sale. Thousands of people attend these places now everyone is looking for something diffrent. Over the years car boot sales have been great places to pick up stock. Times have changed and we often go out and find very little to make it worth while. The days of genuine car booters who are having a clear out of their house has gone. We see more traders who are making a living out of selling at the boot. Not to be put off by all the baby clothes and toys and modern bits and pieces. Plus we have money to spend a fantastic 2 days trading at Peterborough festival of antiques we need to refresh our stock. So off we set 4 rows in and nothing were thinking we made a mistake coming out today. But no next row we buy a pretty royal Briely cut crystal clock. There might judt be hopr for us yet. We turn into the next row and there sitting for every one to see is a large collection of aynsley orchard gold. Lovely couple selling their collection. We agree on a price and the deal is done. My faith in car boots has been restored. Off to a house clearance tommorrow we may take a day off Wednesday but maybe not.

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