What a month

Its been a hell of a month. 1 disater after another. Starting with the death of a dear Friend and customer of 15 years. Same day my van was remodeled by a nice neighbour

Fine all insured video footage of said neighbour driving intomy van and walking away. Insurance company phone they want to write it off. £8000 worth of damage. Well thats not happening. We contest the desicion and they agree to repair.

Following week my partner picks up his brand new susuki swift sport. Fantastic car love's it. Hes had it 2 weeks guess what on his way to work 2 weeks old 300 miles on the clock guy decided to get up close and personal with the boot.

So we now have 2 vehicles in for repair 2 hire vehicle's fairs and auctions to run.

Good news is my van has been repaired by Solas who have done a fantastic job. Well done Aviva for exemplary customer service they collected and repaired with no hassel. Provided a hire van. I would reccomend Aviva insurance every time.

As you can see not a mark on my van shes perfect again

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