What a Year 2020 we will survive

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What can we say we like the rest of the world we started the year with great hopes and dreams for 2020. It was going so well. This year has to be the year of covid with out a doubt. Not ones to sit idle we have still moved forward this year opening the militaria unit in memory of our good friend Jonathan Bird who passed aged 53 on the 28th February 2020. One of the first victims of covid19. He would be so proud to see all the militaria selling from there. We have had to close all our fairs and the auction. But hey ho we opened the online selling page click and collect its the new in phrase. Its working so far not as great as we would like but its keeping us active and eventually the whole of the centres stock will be listed online for a wider audience to be able to browse and buy online. It has to be the way forward. Christmas is approaching fast and it feels like this year never really got started being closed in March for 3 months then open then once again being shut down for another 4 weeks has us feeling that we lost a year somehow. Time marched past us. We thank the government for the grants without those we would have had to close our doors completely. This time of uncertainty has made me for one realise our business is outdated we are not moving with the times quick enough. The trade are very slow to work with technology there are very few antiques centres out there with online selling pages a few of us have seen the light but I think it is the way forward. With the future of antique fairs up in the air will we ever be able to hold fairs again who knows. Maybe the vaccine that's been promised will eradicate the virus completely we can but live in hope. I am dragging my outdated butt into 2020 by getting back to school online learning a social media and marketing course here I come. We have neglected our web page but no more expect to hear more from us in the future. Blogging has never been my strong point but I think we all need something now especially having spent the last year socially distancing ourselves from the rest of the population. The internet and face book have been our lifeline to the outside world. Not just for me but millions of people across the world. I have come to realise that this is the way forward so many of us have spent so much time this year surfing and browsing from the comfort of our home we are getting out of the habit of going out. When we are finally free of covid maybe we will get back some of what we like to think of as normal. I do think however there will never be somethings as they used to be. I do think smaller fairs will make a comeback the larger 2 and 3 day fairs will reduce the people running these events have been hit hard this year with very little in the way of grants to keep them going. We have lost a lot of dealers over the last 11 months with very few stepping forward to replace them on the antiques fair circuit. This will of course effect us all you can not run a fair without the dealers. A lot of us have just boxed up the stock and are sitting it out.

It will be like christmas when we do eventually get to unwrap all this stock think I have forgotten what's in the boxes.

So for our first message to all our blogger friends of 2020 the message is keep strong and look forward. Find new ways to cope.

So this being 2020 we are still here we are surviving and god willing we will all survive to tell the tale in 10 years. Things can only get better.

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